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  4. Hi Declan how’s things? I’m interested to know which P2P you’ve decided on? Mark. 

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    2. MeDearMark


      That all interesting. I’ve been researching everything at the moment whilst I get my Mac back. It’s funny I’ve heard good things about Fiverr and bad things about voice123 😕 I never know which way is best 😕 


      It would be good to have a chat sometime my email is marks2991@gmail.com if you want to chat over the phone. M 

    3. Declan McHugh

      Declan McHugh

      I think Fiverr can be a good place to get your hands dirty and get some work done,  and I like to think I did some good work there including 2 voice-overs I currently have on my demo reel.

      But let's put it this way: I did 17 jobs and some of them took DAYS not hours, and I earned about £135 IN TOTAL after Fiverr took their 20%. It's  crass exploitation by the Buyers. BUT it FORCED me to raise my game considerably. And without auditioning for real jobs I find it's very easy to just lose focus...So now Voices.com is keeping me busy. In fact I will be on VOK less as a result, and will be stepping back from most of the vocal challenges. I have got to keep my eye on the prize, as they say. 

      I am notoriously phone-phobic but let's keep in touch this way, it's probably easiest.  Also my email is decmchugh@yahoo.com

      How do you do this 'Single Status Update' Messaging? 


    4. MeDearMark


      Still not having much luck with the P2P on Voices.com I think there's too much choice for the clients. M

  5. i Just checked out your character reel, you've got some fantastic voices there like Guy said. And it's a really good website too!

  6. I'm 75% through the Self Direction Took Kit, and have to say I am finding it very helpful. I am going to start taking part in the moderator of the month challenges, once I have completed it. I am very new to commercial reading, and didn't like reading these type of scripts, because I prefer to read character roles. However, the Self Direction Took Kit has helped me to actually enjoy reading commercial scripts. I even auditioned for one recently and got the role. Which has given me even more enthusiasm to do these type of roles which previously I thought I could never do. 

  7. Hi Holly,

    I've been perusing your site and have been reading a few of your posts - your one about marketing yourself  was really helpful. A lot for me to bear in mind and it's given me a more realisitic, tangible idea of the kind of things I'll need to start embracing. 

    I wrote a little comment on your blog post as well to help your Google stuff - keep it active n all that jazz - isn't that how it works?!?!?   😛


    1. Holly Standbrook

      Holly Standbrook

      Hi Paul, ah I'm so happy it helped you out a little! There is a lot to think about and if you've not been in marketing it can be daunting to learn, but you just need some basics really :) 

      thanks for the comment! I should really get around to writing some more! haha

    2. Paul Mallon

      Paul Mallon

      Picking up various tips on marketing recently. All helping to form a clearer picture - daunting levels definitely dropping... 😛 

      I need to get my website built and I can begin the journey!

    3. Holly Standbrook

      Holly Standbrook

      Excellent to hear! If you're doing your site yourself, don't forget you can post it here or on the reddit forums and people tend to be pretty good with constructive criticism :)

  8. Hi Alberto, I hope you are keeping well! Came across you on a post thought id say hello, seeing as I last saw you in an Enneagram workshop a few years back!

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    2. Laura Garnier

      Laura Garnier

      Yey good for you so nice to see. BBC bloody hell that's brilliant!! love to hear if you share the link x

      Well hopefully I can pick your brains and learn from any advice you can give. I'll pay for the coffee/beer if you fancy it when they're open again. 

      I just posted in the forum but if you have any advice I was going to buy the focusrite scarlett 2i2 (2nd gen) or 3rd, but do I really need a 2i2 if its just me and I don't play any musical instruments it will solelybe used for vo? Or is it better to have 2i2 in case I'm recording with another vo? (although they'd have to bring their mic :))

      Thanks and keep well x


    3. Alberto Pereira

      Alberto Pereira

      I don't know what are you circumstances, but I would say all steps we do are ok as long as they are part of a  plan, a business plan.  During these years I have done a few one to ones with the pros, I found that very useful and money well invested. 

      Keep well and safe! 

    4. Laura Garnier

      Laura Garnier

      Thanks Alberto!

      You too Keep safe :)

  9. Hi @Martin Passchier probably best way forward is for you to email me your mobile number to decmchugh@yahoo.com and then I will send to Romi, and Romi will add you to the Whatsapp group....


    1. Martin Passchier

      Martin Passchier

      Hi Declan,

      Thanks, I’ve emailed you as suggested.



  10. Thanks for the follow @Andrew Vevers

    I look forward to ‘chatting’ with you soon.

    Best wishes,


    1. Andrew Vevers

      Andrew Vevers

      And you Martin! (Sorry for the delay - hectic at work)

  11. Thanks for the follow @Declan McHugh

    I look forward to ‘chatting’ with you soon.

    Best wishes,


  12. Thanks for the follow @SallyVDP.

    I look forward to ‘chatting’ with you soon

    Best wishes,


  13. Hi @Martin Passchier, hopefully getting a little Whatsapp Group togther with @Andrew Vevers@SallyVDP@Romi to support and encourage. If you give me your mobile number I can add you to the Group (email would be useful too)


    1. Martin Passchier

      Martin Passchier

      Yup, sounds good to me, Declan.   Can I DM you via VO Kickstart?



  14. Hi @SallyVDP @Martin Passchier@Andrew Vevers

    Hi Buddies. I wondered how this week has started off for you. For me the answer is slowly. I had my kids for nearly a week (I share the childcare) and it was tough by the end. And now I have a few days to myself I have found it hard to get going.

    What are your goals for this week?  My big goal is to finish creating my profile on a  certain low end site. I've had no profile on ANY site (apart from VOK) so that will be maybe a game-changer.

    But in the back of my mind I am worried to do so because I worry that even at that lowest of the low level I might be asked to do something I can't do, or won't do well, because although I now have a decent sound from my booth, and although I've had some nice comments on my voice, I  have only the most basic technical setup. I am really not good at technology. Plus there are a ton of things in Reaper I don't know how to do, although slowly I am learning more, so it takes me a long time even to do the VOK challenges. Plus it's one thing having an ok voice, it's another thing knowing how to give the most efffective reads.

    I like to know what I am doing, and the truth is I don't yet know what I am doing. I don't like the feeling of maybe being exposed in all these areas (and maybe others too), and I can tell it's undermining my progress.

    But I 've GOT to make a start beyond the safety of VOK!

    Anhow if this method of keeping in touch is a bit clunky I am very happy for you all to have my email which is decmchugh@yahoo.com.

    If you follow me Andrew, as the others have, then I'll be able to see any postings by you automatically,




    1. Andrew Vevers

      Andrew Vevers

      Afternoon all
      To be honest, I've done little this week since the "supercharge" thing. I am an **avid** note taker, so am tidying up notes from the week and trying to break down the goals I outlined at the start of the week. I didn't feel the need to make any "bold" pronouncements on Friday, as my goals are my goals. I know what I want to do, what I need to do, and I know all too well how old they are and what I need to do to overcome my ongoing blockers. It's things like the current state of the UK (and the world, obvs) that highlights, more than ever, the "carpe diem" nature of wanting to succeed at something. So, for me, my week ahead is to plan. To put it into some sort of order. And to make a new start, irrespective of what's happened in the past. Day to day stuff, and the fact that VO is a passion, not a profession, mean that I can only do VO only when I can.
      I have no profile on any site. Well, V123, but that's from a long time ago and I haven't put that to any use. There are sites I won't ever go on (voices.com, voicerealm, fiverr), and I also don't want to rely on P2P. But you gotta start somewhere...

      You say you have a basic setup, but your reads are better than a lot that have been sent out in the past. This week, you might want to consider going on Guy's studio thing. I will probably attend because of the value in sharing and learning from others. But one thing I will guarantee - you do get different opinions in terms of processing. I have spoken to a lot of audio people over the years and have found there to be little consistent opinion in terms of how to do the editing best. It's what works for you and what sounds right to you. In terms of technology, you can hire out audio editing/processing if you prefer (I know VOs who do this all the time), allowing you to focus on the read. As for the challenges, I couldn't keep up and unfortunately didn't do any more in the end, despite setting the first batch. I know I couldn't do what Peter has proposed. 

      If you want to learn REAPER, and REAPER is what I use, I strongly advise you to a) upgrade to v6 and b) watch all 15 of these here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM0xHqxaiT6-plorG47t3balft4nVki39

      As for future conversations, I'm not too sure how VOK works. Are *these* messages public? Would you prefer a more private environment? There's WhatsApp groups, if you are comfortable sharing phone numbers. Or there's Zoom, Hangouts, (probably) private Facebook groups, etc. Let me know what you want to do.


    2. Andrew Vevers

      Andrew Vevers

      ps - I am on andrew@veversvo.uk



    3. Martin Passchier

      Martin Passchier

      Hi Declan and Andrew,

      Ive been much the same since Friday in that I’ve not done a great deal since the end of Supercharge Week other than speak to my web designer.  However, Like @Andrew Vevers, I took lots of notes and will spend this week reviewing them and formulating a plan and making a list of priorities.  

      My email address is martinpasschier@outlook.com.  

      Catch up soon.

      All the best,


  15. Hi Sally,

    Come on in. The water's lovely...


  16. Hi Sally - if you're OK I'd like to "buddy up" with you and Declan on the audition work.  That OK?

  17. Declan - if you're OK I'd like to "buddy up" with you and Sally on the audition work.  That OK?

    1. Declan McHugh

      Declan McHugh

      It would be excllent. I've found you sympatico in the past...


  18. Morning Sally,

    Please forgive my memory but was it you who also wanted to join Declan and myself (and any other members) to help each other with taking this career forward?


  19. Hi Declan,

    As per the Zoom session earlier, let's get together and motivate each other.  Any one else care to join.........please?


    1. Andrew Vevers
    2. Declan McHugh

      Declan McHugh

      Great stuff, Martin. Totally related to what you were saying on today's Zoom session....


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