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    Hi @SallyVDP @Martin Passchier@Andrew Vevers Hi Buddies. I wondered how this week has started off for you. For me the answer is slowly. I had my kids for nearly a week (I share the childcare) and it was tough by the end. And now I have a few days to myself I have found it hard to get going. What are your goals for this week? My big goal is to finish creating my profile on a certain low end site. I've had no profile on ANY site (apart from VOK) so that will be maybe a game-changer. But in the back of my mind I am worried to do so because I worry that even at that lowest of the low level I might be asked to do something I can't do, or won't do well, because although I now have a decent sound from my booth, and although I've had some nice comments on my voice, I have only the most basic technical setup. I am really not good at technology. Plus there are a ton of things in Reaper I don't know how to do, although slowly I am learning more, so it takes me a long time even to do the VOK challenges. Plus it's one thing having an ok voice, it's another thing knowing how to give the most efffective reads. I like to know what I am doing, and the truth is I don't yet know what I am doing. I don't like the feeling of maybe being exposed in all these areas (and maybe others too), and I can tell it's undermining my progress. But I 've GOT to make a start beyond the safety of VOK! Anhow if this method of keeping in touch is a bit clunky I am very happy for you all to have my email which is decmchugh@yahoo.com. If you follow me Andrew, as the others have, then I'll be able to see any postings by you automatically, Declan
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    Thanks for the follow @SallyVDP. I look forward to ‘chatting’ with you soon Best wishes, Martin
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    Hi Sally, Come on in. The water's lovely... Declan
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    Hi Sally - if you're OK I'd like to "buddy up" with you and Declan on the audition work. That OK?
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    Morning Sally, Please forgive my memory but was it you who also wanted to join Declan and myself (and any other members) to help each other with taking this career forward? Martin
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