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  1. 21 minutes ago, Chris Foster said:

    I'm very happy and lucky that I've been led to Guy as I think that a couple of other alternatives I looked at were very much profit driven (for the sites) whereas I feel that the individuals here (us) are what drives him.  I have a lot of work to do!

    Your research and intuitiveness will serve you well Chris - you have certainly landed in the right place with @Guy, you'll see!

    Have fun 🙂



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  2. Why am I doing this?

    • Primarily to earn - so we can enjoy more things as a family (and pay the mortgage off quicker!)
    • Specifically chosen to be able to work from home - so I can work around family commitments
    • To work for myself - so I have the flexibility needed for the above and get to choose what I do and when I do it (or don't do it!)
    • To enjoy more of a creative outlet than my previous jobs in the Corporate world 😉


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  3. Why WOULD book you:

    • Demos - good quality and range
    • Professional looking website with track record & accreditation
    • Quick to respond & friendly yet professional

    Why you WOULD NOT book you:

    • Doesn't have dial-in (and me as a client record) facilities Source Connect/IPDTL/ISDN
    • Flexibility to come to a studio
    • Similar to many other voices
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