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  1. @Mark Thomas did you voice the recent Hyundi ad? Really sounds like you.

    1. Mark Thomas

      Mark Thomas

      Hi Stevie, nope, not me. I've worked for them but only corporate/internal stuff :)

    2. Steve Small

      Steve Small

      Well you've got a vocal ganger out there 😂

    3. Steve Small
  2. Yay! I finally have the framework for my booth measured, cut and assembled. 


    1. Guy


      Hi Stevie. looks like you've posted this to yourself......stick it in the https://thelounge.voiceoverkickstart.com/forum/18-home-studio-general/

    2. Steve Small

      Steve Small

      Thanks @Guy. Just posted it up now 👍🏻

  3. Yay!!! I now have my Soundcloud profile up and running. 


  4. Well, I've been busy tonight. I've designed my logo and begun to design and build my new website. I'll be working on it more tomorrow and setting up social media etc. This site has really lit a fire under me. Thanks @Guy

    MBV Logo.jpg

    Web pic.jpg

  5. So, I've just received and set up my brand new audio equipment and have been putting it through its paces. Quite a bit of unwanted reverb, so now all I need to do is "CONTREAT" (thanks for the new word @Guy) the wall behind and I'm golden! Great mic with fantastic clarity and tone for a fantastic price (only £47 - Bonkers, I know). For this recording I used my new Marantz Professional Pod Pack 1 with no effects or noise/hiss suppression. Check it out.


    IMG_20190219_112637 (2).jpg


    1. Verity Lumin

      Verity Lumin

      Hi Steve,

      Well that was entertaining 😄 Is that the Samson set up? 

    2. Steve Small

      Steve Small

      Hi Lumit,

      It's the Marantz Professional Pod Pack 1. It's very similar to the  Samson C01U in terms of recording quality but at a fraction of the price. Wasn't sure what to expect for the price, but I am very pleasantly surprised 😀



  6. This is a VO that I wrote and recorded for my band. Rather a lot to learn, but I think there's potential.

    Goodbye Go Band VO

    1. Steve Small

      Steve Small

      Hi Cerridwen. Thanks for that. I'm only on day 4 of this course but already I can hear many areas in the recording (all of it) that can be vastly improved upon both vocally and technically (whereas 4 days ago I thought it sounded pretty good 😁). But, that's why I'm here. The main thing is you thought it was funny 😂

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Oh, BTW. I don't think the song you mentioned was mine. I think it just autoplays a random track at the end. Then again, if the track you heard was 80s inspired synthpop, it may have been mine.

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