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Martin Passchier

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    Rode NT2A | Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
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  1. Thanks for the follow @Andrew Vevers

    I look forward to ‘chatting’ with you soon.

    Best wishes,


    1. Andrew Vevers

      Andrew Vevers

      And you Martin! (Sorry for the delay - hectic at work)

  2. Thanks for the follow @Declan McHugh

    I look forward to ‘chatting’ with you soon.

    Best wishes,


  3. Thanks for the follow @SallyVDP.

    I look forward to ‘chatting’ with you soon

    Best wishes,


  4. Morning Sally,

    Please forgive my memory but was it you who also wanted to join Declan and myself (and any other members) to help each other with taking this career forward?


  5. Hi Declan,

    As per the Zoom session earlier, let's get together and motivate each other.  Any one else care to join.........please?


    1. Andrew Vevers

      Andrew Vevers

      I would!

    2. Declan McHugh

      Declan McHugh

      Great stuff, Martin. Totally related to what you were saying on today's Zoom session....


  6. Hi, thanks for the follow, you're my first! 👌  I'm fairly new to  this and have yet to break the ice in VO.  

    Best wishes,

    Martin (Pash)

    1. Lgla52


      Your welcome! I just became a member and I'm looking forward to growing a network. 

      Best wishes


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