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  • Microphone and pre-amp/interface
    Aston Spirit > DBX 286s > SSL2+ > MacBook Air
  • Software
    Twisted Wave / Reaper / RX 8 Elements

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About Me

Hi everyone, 

I'm Ewan; I'm a Scottish Actor / Vocalist - Pursuing a career as a VO artist.

Trying to soak up as much info as possible  from all the resources, and also enjoying the supercharge weeks and rehearsal rooms.


Goals for Q1 2021

Finish Website and Branding 

Finalise Recording setup and chain 

Record Home Studio Audio Samples for prospective clients. 

Prepare to record reels, early in Q2


Website domain secure and business email secure

instagram @scottishvoiceover

twitter @ewanreillyvo


Aston Spirit>DBX 286s>SSL2+> Macbook Air

Backup signal going into Zoom l8 multitrack recorder via radial ms2 xlr splitter 



ROKIT 5 monitors 

Audio Technica's ATH_M50

twisted wave - as an audio editor 

Undecided on DAW trialling logic vs reaper


Acoustic Treatment  in recording space

SE Reflection filter (basic),

GIK acoustics Gobo

2 PET felt screens 

1 smaller PET felt screen for roof.



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