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About Me

I have over 30 years experience as a professional, classical (and sometimes commercial) singer and have performed in most of the UK's cathedrals and a high proportion of the country's concert halls.  Singing has also taken me to far flung places such as Beijing, Latvia and New York and, whilst I still have a lot to offer vocally, I am finally following through on what many folk have told me I should have done years ago; I am trying my hand at VO work.  At this, save a couple of satnav projects in the late 80s, I am, as I type, a rookie. 

I run my own ad-hoc pro chorus, Apollo Voices, and we have been lucky enough to perform in a variety of commercial projects, including the soundtracks for a variety of movies, from Prometheus to Early Man and Shrek Forever After to Disney Nature's Penguins!

In addition to this I am also a music examiner for ABRSM and am in my 16th year of employment.  This work has taken me to the Far East on many occasions: Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

I've been married (to Liz) for 27 years, we have no kids but we are considering getting a cat.  I enjoy photography, fine wine, the cinema and cycling, but not necessarily in that order.

So, for VO work, I have bought the kit, set it up (still trying to find the best space at home) and am trying to practise every day so that I have another string to my bow in years to come.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all on here.

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