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Jessica Turner 

I am an actor and have been in the business for over 40 years. I have tried sporadically over the years to secure a voice-over agent but feel that I kind of missed the boat and have thought of it as an area of the business that is over subscribed and I'll not be let in.

I have worked quite substantially in radio and have twice been part of the BBC Radio 4 Drama Company -  a contract which involves working on a  wonderful variety of dramas and recording many and varied documentary voice-overs.

I love this area of the business and am quite at home with the microphone, but I realise nonetheless that I have a lot to learn when it comes to the huge variety of voice over that is available.

I've been encouraged, during this strange period where so many of our creative outlets have been denied us, to set up a home recording studio and, with advice from various quarters, have been able to create something approaching a viable system. ( I recorded a radio play last week with a company using Cleanfeed.)

But technically I feel very much a beginner and am not particularly good at, or fond of, 'putting myself out there'. It seems like an enormous task which I have to admit feels rather daunting.

I hope that joining this community will give me the confidence and encouragement to tread where I have never trod before!

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