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  1. Hi Alberto, I hope you are keeping well! Came across you on a post thought id say hello, seeing as I last saw you in an Enneagram workshop a few years back!

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    2. Laura Garnier

      Laura Garnier

      Yey good for you so nice to see. BBC bloody hell that's brilliant!! love to hear if you share the link x

      Well hopefully I can pick your brains and learn from any advice you can give. I'll pay for the coffee/beer if you fancy it when they're open again. 

      I just posted in the forum but if you have any advice I was going to buy the focusrite scarlett 2i2 (2nd gen) or 3rd, but do I really need a 2i2 if its just me and I don't play any musical instruments it will solelybe used for vo? Or is it better to have 2i2 in case I'm recording with another vo? (although they'd have to bring their mic :))

      Thanks and keep well x


    3. Alberto Pereira

      Alberto Pereira

      I don't know what are you circumstances, but I would say all steps we do are ok as long as they are part of a  plan, a business plan.  During these years I have done a few one to ones with the pros, I found that very useful and money well invested. 

      Keep well and safe! 

    4. Laura Garnier

      Laura Garnier

      Thanks Alberto!

      You too Keep safe :)

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