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  1. Hi Holly,

    I've been perusing your site and have been reading a few of your posts - your one about marketing yourself  was really helpful. A lot for me to bear in mind and it's given me a more realisitic, tangible idea of the kind of things I'll need to start embracing. 

    I wrote a little comment on your blog post as well to help your Google stuff - keep it active n all that jazz - isn't that how it works?!?!?   😛


    1. Holly Standbrook

      Holly Standbrook

      Hi Paul, ah I'm so happy it helped you out a little! There is a lot to think about and if you've not been in marketing it can be daunting to learn, but you just need some basics really :) 

      thanks for the comment! I should really get around to writing some more! haha

    2. Paul Mallon

      Paul Mallon

      Picking up various tips on marketing recently. All helping to form a clearer picture - daunting levels definitely dropping... 😛 

      I need to get my website built and I can begin the journey!

    3. Holly Standbrook

      Holly Standbrook

      Excellent to hear! If you're doing your site yourself, don't forget you can post it here or on the reddit forums and people tend to be pretty good with constructive criticism :)

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