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  1. Hi Declan how’s things? I’m interested to know which P2P you’ve decided on? Mark. 

    1. Declan McHugh

      Declan McHugh

      Hi @MeDearMark. I bit the bullet and joined Voices.com on Friday. I've done 11 auditions since,  had a few listens, no likes yet. I think their pricing of the  equivalent of about £300 a year (after a $150 dollar discount) is fair for unlimited auditions for a year, and more than fair (£6 a week). 

      I am still waiting for Armin (head honcho at Bodalgo) to resolve my status after 10 days. He hasn't said "No" but he hasn't said "Yes" yet either. I think I will know either way in the next 72 hours. I am hopeful because I know people he has said "No" to quickly, like within a few days. 

      I would love to join Voices123 next, and I probably will do so,  but this is all debt since I am a Tour Guide and I've earned hardly anything since March this year...

      But I need to move on from, as Helena Thomas wittily calls it, 'MumbleFiverr'. 

      I don't regret at all  having been on there for 4 months or so - it was very good to have real clients and get some great reviews over the course of  the 17 jobs I did - but I know I would regret it badly if I STAYED there at those punishingly low rates. 

      Have you joined any P2Ps?



    2. MeDearMark


      That all interesting. I’ve been researching everything at the moment whilst I get my Mac back. It’s funny I’ve heard good things about Fiverr and bad things about voice123 😕 I never know which way is best 😕 


      It would be good to have a chat sometime my email is marks2991@gmail.com if you want to chat over the phone. M 

    3. Declan McHugh

      Declan McHugh

      I think Fiverr can be a good place to get your hands dirty and get some work done,  and I like to think I did some good work there including 2 voice-overs I currently have on my demo reel.

      But let's put it this way: I did 17 jobs and some of them took DAYS not hours, and I earned about £135 IN TOTAL after Fiverr took their 20%. It's  crass exploitation by the Buyers. BUT it FORCED me to raise my game considerably. And without auditioning for real jobs I find it's very easy to just lose focus...So now Voices.com is keeping me busy. In fact I will be on VOK less as a result, and will be stepping back from most of the vocal challenges. I have got to keep my eye on the prize, as they say. 

      I am notoriously phone-phobic but let's keep in touch this way, it's probably easiest.  Also my email is decmchugh@yahoo.com

      How do you do this 'Single Status Update' Messaging? 


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