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When you become a Voiceover Kickstart®  member, you will have the opportunity to participate in the access-controlled members area. As a member, you get some rights that non-members do not have, such as the ability to post in member’s forum and communicate with other members, seek advice and offer feedback. Your rights come with some obligations, and for a healthy and functional community, it is essential that you respect our community rules. If you do not wish to respect these community rules, please refrain from posting any content in the members area or any other part of the website. When you do participate in the Voiceover Kickstart®  members’ area, you agree that:

●     You will not disclose the personal information of any other User;
●     You will not impersonate another User;
●     You will respect other Users who are in this community with you. You understand that they may hold different views from you and you can always make your contribution without being hurtful or offensive towards others. In short, be kind to others;
●     You will respect the law and refrain from posting content that violates any applicable law including copyright;
●     You will help us monitor any unhealthy User behaviour by flagging any content that you know to be in violation of these terms or that can be viewed as harassment, abuse, inappropriate, offensive to any individual or group, promoting hate speech or crime;
●     You will not post, share or promote any content that is demeaning to a group whether based on race, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or any content that is violent, pornographic, sexually explicit, defamatory, suggestive or in any way illegal or unethical; 
●     We have a zero-tolerance policy for Users who intend to use or actually use the Voiceover Kickstart®  platform for predatory behaviour including stalking, harassment, bullying or any similar dangerous behaviour.
●     We understand that you may love or hate our competitors but when you are in Voiceover Kickstart®  members area, you are strictly forbidden from promoting or degrading other individuals or organisations. In short, refrain from discussing any third-party organisation. 

If we discover that you have violated any of the aforementioned terms, we reserve the right to block your account and take any appropriate legal action to ensure the safety of our Community. 

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